The International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) is a multi-disciplinary professional membership society that focuses on the benefits of therapeutic and diagnostic such as medicine within the spheres of policy, science and economics, alongside the value that it brings to the patient.

It asks vital questions around the benefits of drugs, treatment options and alternative therapies, whether they are clinically meaningful and the scientific reasoning behind their use. Medical Specialist Holdings’ Murray Izzett has recently been elected as an ISPOR board member, a role that not only recognises his valuable contribution to medical practice in South Africa, but has very exacting standards.

“Each chapter of the organisation must follow very specific guidelines around its constitution, support and the furthering of its goals within that country,” explains Dr Jacques Snyman, CEO of Medical Specialist Holdings (MSH) and ex-board member of ISPOR. “Alongside the commitment to the organisation are the benefits for South Africa in having an international connection that assists us in following the right processes when new products or therapies enter the market.”

Dr Snyman brought significant medical weight to his role as ISPOR board member, but has recently stepped down, allowing for Murray Izzett to bring a new dynamic to the ISPOR table. Izzett’s strengths lie in data analytics and the value of data in resolving existing issues in medical process, research and products.

“I am really excited about this role with ISPOR as it allows me to maintain relationships with the pharmaceutical industry while playing to my strengths in data and analytics,” concludes Izzett. “I am not a traditional member (a pharmacist) and I introduce a unique perspective around how we can use data, the concerns around data sharing and how to address these in an ethical manner.”