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Icon Oncology has multiple affiliated chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment centres across South Africa, search our database to find a centre near you.

Our accredited centres will ensure you receive the highest quality of treatment in a comfortable, supportive and caring environment.

The Patient Journey

A cancer journey can span many years and can include treatment from surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and other specialists. Often the patient journey is fragmented, which can be confusing for our patients.

Icon Oncology and our doctors bring together multidisciplinary teams to consider each case, and to decide on a coordinated and clear course of treatment. We can offer a multi-disciplinary service, taking the holistic needs of our patients into account.

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Am I Covered?

The following Medical Schemes have partnered with Icon to ensure their members receive the right, high quality, value-based care. The right care is delivering the right treatment, for the right patients at the right time – achieving the best outcomes for all.

Organisations Who Help

A cancer diagnosis can be very overwhelming, and the cancer journey a long, hard road to travel.

Icon Oncology’s holistic approach to enabling the right care for all means we don’t only concentrate on putting you at the centre of an integrated network of oncology-focused professionals, programmes and infrastructure, but also ensure you receive the right support too.

Below are some wonderful organisations and support groups that we’ve partnered with to help you on your journey.

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