Icon Oncology Holdings

Icon Oncology Holdings is a private healthcare company and the leading provider of radiation and managed care oncology services in South Africa.

Since its inception, Icon Oncology Holdings and its subsidiaries, Icon Radiotherapy, Icon Chemotherapy and Icon Managed Care have pioneered the move to value-based care (VBC) in cancer treatment on the African continent.

The argument for value-based care is globally accepted as a necessary alternative to traditional fee for service models. VBC reduces costs, improves outcomes for patients and drives sustainability in the medical industry.
In an environment of escalating healthcare costs that disadvantage the majority of South Africans, many cancer sufferers are still not gaining access to quality cancer treatment fast enough.

Icon Oncology’s provider network, facilities infrastructure and value-based care model bridges the gap between funders and medical practitioners, creating a patient centric environment that enhances access to cancer care. Its proprietary e-Auth® system gives cancer patients real-time access to life-saving treatment.

The Icon Oncology model serves all members of medical schemes in the industry, irrespective of the available benefits of individual funding options.

Icon Oncology is ideally positioned to align the interests of government, medical schemes, oncologists and patients to improve and widen access to care and ensure the long-term sustainability of oncology in South Africa.

Our Guiding Principles


We will give cancer patients the best opportunity to lead healthier lives.


Creating VALUE across the cancer treatment continuum through the application of innovative protocols delivered through an integrated network of professionals and systems which put the patient at the centre.


We are pioneering the way patients receive care. We are compassionate, placing the patient in the centre of everything we do. Our impact is measurable – we are effective. We are ethical – upholding the highest levels of honesty and fairness.

Corporate Structure

Executive Management

Our people are passionate, dedicated experts in their fields who share our values of being pioneering, compassionate, effective, and ethical.

Icon Oncology has a team of nearly 300 people working across South Africa. We are the largest employer of Radiation Therapists and Medical Physicists in the country, and over 80% of South Africa’s private practice oncologists are part of our network.

Anthony Pedersen

Anthony Pedersen

Chief Executive Officer

Ernst Marais | Icon SA

Ernst Marais

Chief Operating Officer

Akbar Abbas

Chief Financial Officer

Hubert January

Hubert January

Head of Human Resources

Clinical Quality & Resources

Icon Oncology’s rigorous accreditation process is part of its key objective to ensure quality cancer care in South Africa. It was formulated under the leadership of Professor Raymond Abratt, Head of Clinical Governance.

The accreditation process looks at clinical and equipment processes of the highest international standards, informed by government regulation and international best-practice shared between affiliated oncology practices.