Privacy Policy



1. Who are we?

Icon Oncology Holdings (Pty) Ltd, including all our Subsidiaries and Associated Companies as per Annexure A (the ICON group), is a private company registered in South Africa under reg. no.2015/254381/07. We are responsible for the processing of your personal information required to register you as a patient as set out in this privacy policy. Our contact details and details of the various Radiation Oncology treatment facilities operated by the ICON Group are available on

2. Our commitment to you:

This Private Policy is applicable on employees employed by the ICON group as well as patients undergoing treatment in one of our Radiation Oncology facilities.

We respect your privacy.

We understand that in today’s interconnected world you may be concerned about what happens with your personal information. We believe in transparency and have implemented this privacy policy to inform you about how we go about collecting personal information from you, the type of information we collect, why we collect that information, the circumstances under which that information will be shared with others, the security measures we’ve put in place to protect personal information and the mechanisms we’ve implemented to give you control over your information.

3. How do we collect your information?

We obtain information directly from you because you are employed by the ICON group and/or because you are a patient undergoing treatment in one of our Radiation Oncology treatment facilities. We furthermore receive information about you from other medical practitioners who might have treated you and referred you to us for further treatment. All such personal information will be critical in ensuring we are able to register your information to provide you the treatment prescribed by your medical practitioner.

4. What personal information do we process?

We process personal information, including amongst others, information about your health status, your name, identity number, date of birth, address, employment, race, financial position and your Medical Scheme information.

The information we process about your health, includes the diagnosis, clinical information about the treatment and care, prescribed medicines, test results and any other therapy received as well as photographs, and other images, either received from the treating medical practitioner or taken at our Radiation Oncology treatment facility required for treatment of your condition.

5. Why do we process your information?

First and foremost, we use your information to provide you with appropriate and quality medical treatment. We also use the information to provide you with information or services that you may enquire about as well as to enable us to administer your account with us and to assist you to process your claims against your medical- or other insurance.

Finally, we may use your information to improve the effectiveness of the available treatments by compiling de-identified, aggregate statistics about the treatments our patients receive and the medicines used, and
to analyse such statistics. We may occasionally pass the statistics on to third parties but will only do so if the information is in an aggregated form and entirely de-identified.

6. Will we share your information with anyone else?

In order to provide you with treatment we share your personal information with affiliated organisations such as radiotherapists and other medical practitioners, but only if they provide treatment to you and you have given them consent to obtain information from us.

We submit claims on your behalf to medical schemes but can also, depending on the option you select, submit invoices for our services and a description thereof directly to you.

We make use of certain service providers in the course of providing you with our services such as technology services for example outsourcing-, networking- and back-up providers. These service providers will only obtain access to our databases for the sole purpose of rendering services to us and only in terms of a written agreement requiring them to implement appropriate security measures, to maintain the confidentiality of your information and to refrain from processing your information for any purpose other than rendering services to us.

We will not give your information to any third party on any terms other than set out in this policy.

7. Does this policy apply to children?

Yes, but parents or guardians must give us permission in terms of our consent form to process personal information before we process any personal information relating children.

8. How do we protect your information?

We continually review and update our data protection measures to ensure the security, integrity, and confidentiality of your information in accordance with industry best practices. The measures we adopt to ensure the security of your personal information includes technical measures and internal policies to prevent unauthorised access, loss or use of personal information.

Only those employees and service providers that require access to your information to undertake their work relating to our applications will be permitted access to your information and only if they have concluded an agreement with us requiring them to implement appropriate security measures and to maintain the confidentiality of your information.

We are obliged to inform the Information Regulator if someone unlawfully obtained access to any personal information we process or store.

9. Where is your information stored?

We will process and store your personal information within South Africa and will only transfer your information across the borders of the Republic of South Africa if we have written consent from you.

10. How can you control your information?

You can request us to confirm what information do we hold about you and to what third parties we’ve supplied your information, by emailing us using the address supplied above. You may also request that we correct or delete information that is inaccurate, and you can object to the continued processing of your information. If you exercise your right to object or if you withdraw your consent and if the circumstances make it reasonable for us to do so, we may suspend our services to you.

If you believe we process your information contrary to this privacy policy or in contravention of the law, you may lay a complaint object with the Information Regulator.

11. Changes to this policy

We often update this policy, and the updated policy will be available on our website. It is your responsibility to make sure you’re comfortable with any changes before continuing to use our services. This policy is effective from 11 September 2019.