Icon Oncology awards R100K grant to Look Good Feel Better

Icon Oncology has partnered with Look Good Feel Better South Africa, a national NGO that hosts self-care workshops for people living with cancer. The collaboration will benefit uninsured cancer patients from state hospitals and aims to help them with the appearance side-effects of cancer treatment.

Any cancer diagnosis is a traumatic experience which not only effects the physical health but also the emotional and mental wellbeing of patients. The physical impact of the disease often only shows once treatment begins.

“We often hear from patients that the biggest realisation of a cancer diagnosis is the moment they experience appearance-related side effects and sadly, many patients have little resources to mitigate these. With this exciting partnership with Look Good Feel Better, we are able to contribute towards making a positive impact on the lives of women and men by uplifting and empowering them during their cancer journey,” says Beverley Sebastian, who heads the socioeconomic development committee at Icon Oncology.

Look Good Feel Better South Africa provides free two-hour beauty workshops through a network of hospitals, and oncology units, specially designed to assist patients to manage the appearance-related side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, thereby helping to restore their appearance and self-image.

Restoring the self-image and confidence of cancer patients

“We are thrilled about this collaboration as it allows Look Good Feel Better to be at the forefront of helping brave cancer patients. By offering specialised support, guidance, and resources, we aim to enhance their self-confidence and help them regain a sense of normalcy in their lives,” comments Yvette Powell, Managing Director at Look Good Feel Better South Africa.


She adds; “Our partnership with Icon Oncology marks a significant stride towards a future where every woman and man fighting cancer can do so with grace, dignity, and the support they deserve.”


Helping to grow initiatives that make a tangible impact in the lives of cancer patients

Look Good Feel Better has been selected as the proud recipient of the Icon Oncology 2023 socioeconomic development grant. The R100 000 grant enables the NGO to extend their reach and offer invaluable assistance to patients undergoing treatment at Government hospitals throughout the country.


Receiving this grant plays a pivotal role in bolstering Look Good Feel Better’s efforts in organising workshops, creating educational materials, and offering personalised consultations for patients as to suitable skincare, makeup, wigs, and other techniques to help them feel their best, both physically and emotionally.


Studies have shown that individuals with cancer who receive assistance in addressing their emotional and mental well-being exhibit greater resilience and cope more effectively with their treatment journey. Most cancer specialists embrace a holistic approach to treatment which includes offering psychosocial support to patients.