Placing the patient in the centre

October’s health calendar is busy, but there is a week dedicated to celebrate a special group of healthcare professionals – Case Managers.  National Case Managers Week fell on 11-17 October and if ever there was a time to recognise the work done by these patient champions, 2020 is the year.

We have heard countless stories of case management professionals stepping up, not back, to positively impact patients across the continuum of care. But what do they do?

At Icon Oncology we have a team of two dedicated and compassionate case managers who deserve acknowledgement for the work they do and how they bring our company values to life – because a case manager’s job is to literally put the patient in the centre of everything they do.

We spoke to Gillian Bruce and Roslyn Mcleod to understand what the role of an oncology case manager is and learned how this profession has evolved to not just manage, but champion the best possible outcomes for patients.

“A case manager is the direct line of communication between the patient, the funder and their healthcare providers. They advocate (and fight) on behalf of the patient ensuring they receive the best quality and most cost-effective treatment that has been tailored to the patient’s individual needs,” explains Gillian.

They play a pivotal role to reduce wastage of resources and benefits and look after the holistic well-being of the patient. This includes their financial situation and establishing the most economical treatment plan for the patient and their family.

At Icon Oncology this role directly supports our vision to give cancer patients the best opportunity to lead healthier lives, without the worry of mounting medical costs and debt.

So in short, our case managers ensure that each patient we care for receives the right treatment, at the right time, for the right price.