A first installation with Elekta for sub-Saharan Africa in time for World Cancer Month 

Sandton, Gauteng, February 5, 2024: Icon Oncology, the leading cancer care provider in the country, recently marked the installation of a state-of-the-art linear accelerator (Linac) at its radiation therapy unit in Sandton. This milestone brings renewed hope to people living in the Sandton catchment who area facing cancer, as it expands the capacity to provide essential, life-saving treatment.


The official unveiling of the Elekta Harmony Pro machine was attended by oncologists, referring specialists, and business leaders from both Icon Oncology and Elekta. This is also the first installation of a Harmony Pro in the Sub-Saharan Africa, and will help oncologists to extend their reach, enabling the treatment of a greater number of patients with advanced tools.


This development further elevates the standard of care available at the Sandton Oncology Centre, which now boasts two Elekta-quipped radiotherapy bunkers. Radiotherapy is a critically needed treatment modality in Gauteng and the unit can now comfortably treat more than 60 patients a day.


Dr Ernst Marais, Chief Operating Officer of Icon Oncology, emphasises that the cancer burden in South Africa is on the rise, stating, “Our data consistently reveals a notable year-on-year increase in new cancer cases within the country. In 2023 we saw an increase of close to 9% in the number of patients we treated compared to the previous year. This ongoing challenge places a substantial strain on our healthcare system. At Icon Oncology we are actively tackling this burden, committing to providing quality equipment and expertise to the regions that are most in need.”


Mersha Mahomet, Commercial Director, South Africa of Elekta, highlights the strategic importance of the partnership: “Our partnership with Icon Oncology signifies more than collaboration, it symbolises a strategic alignment of capabilities, resources and values. Together we are poised to drive clinical quality, foster innovation, and ultimately achieve better outcomes for cancer patients. Together our service ensures that we deliver nothing short of excellence to our patients.”

ribbon-cutting event for linac

A first for sub-Saharan Africa: The Elekta Harmony Pro was unveiled with a ribbon-cutting event at the Sandton Oncology Centre in Johannesburg by resident oncologists at the unit.


A better patient experience:

The Elekta Harmony Pro is designed to provide oncologists with exceptional control and flexibility in targeting cancer cells. With its smart technology, efficient delivery, and patient-centric design, it makes it easier to delivery life-saving treatments.


Cancer is a traumatic disease and patient comfort is key to reduce stress and deliver better outcomes for patients. The Harmony Pro is designed to make the experience as comfortable as possible for patients during treatment sessions. It also allows for quicker treatment duration, which means patients can focus on recovery and getting on with their everyday activities.


“Our mission is to provide access to life-saving cancer treatments, driving our ongoing nationwide expansion of linac technology. In line with our growth strategy for Gauteng, we look forward to expanding our footprint of facilities and equipment in 2024,” concludes Dr Marais.