About Icon Oncology

Icon Oncology is a proudly South African healthcare company pioneering the move to value-based care (VBC) in cancer treatment representing subsidiaries: Icon Radiotherapy, Icon Network and Icon Managed Care.

We aim to reduce wastage and secure the highest quality and most cost-effective cancer treatment for the greatest number of patients.

Value-based care puts the patient at the center of their treatment by surrounding them with an integrated network of oncology-focused professionals, programmes, facilities and medical schemes. This ensures they receive the right care, at the right time and at the right price.

The model is also designed to benefit Icon Oncology-affiliated medical practitioners and medical schemes who surround those suffering with cancer. Oncologists are remunerated for enabling better outcomes for their patients, and medical schemes save in treatment costs.

Affiliated medical practitioners and schemes also benefit from Icon Oncology’s e-Auth®, a proprietary software platform that can grant oncologists real-time authorisation of Icon-approved treatment plans. Together, VBC and e-Auth address burning issues associated with oncology, namely excessive costs and burdensome administration.

In this way, everyone in the Icon Oncology network is rewarded for providing patients with value- based care that will give them the best opportunity to lead a healthier life.


Our people are passionate, dedicated experts in their fields who share our values of being pioneering, compassionate and effective.

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Ensuring Icon Oncology and our partners are always at the forefront of innovation and research in cancer treatment is important to us.

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When employing people to join our team, we look for those who have a pioneering spirit, those who are compassionate, and those who we know will be effective.

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Welcome to our press office. Here you’ll find all the latest news, updates and releases issued by Icon Oncology.

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