Oncologists in South Africa represented by ICON

ICON is represented by approximately 80% of radiation oncologists and general oncologists in South Africa. These specialists play a fundamental role in ensuring quality treatment services in South Africa by helping to formulate and update ICON’s treatment protocols.

Oncologists in South Africa are not necessarily difficult to find, but choosing a doctor who ensures a treatment plan that is appropriate for your case, can be the first challenge in your cancer treatment journey. An important role of ICON is to ensure cancer treatment in South Africa is being delivered at the highest standard and that oncologists are compiling appropriate treatment protocols for their patients. By choosing an oncologist on the ICON network, patients can have peace of mind that they will receive high quality, cost-effective cancer treatment.

Inspired by international trends in quality assurance and conscious of the move towards greater efficiency in all aspects of cancer care, ICON was moved to update its accreditation process. This has resulted in a shorter, more user-friendly version put together by the organisation’s new clinical governance head, Professor Raymond Abratt.

In May 2015, ICON distributed new accreditation documentation to all existing and new oncology practices. Upon successful completion, practices will be awarded accreditation by ICON. To find out more about becoming ICON-accredited, contact us at icon@cancernet.co.za or read more about ICON’s new accreditation process.

ICON-accredited oncologists and radiation oncologists are based in all nine provinces of South Africa. Choose one of the following:

“ICON’s new accreditation process is part of the network’s key objective to ensure that cancer care in South Africa meets not only the highest international standards, but also to share best practice information with all affiliated oncology practices in the country.”

– Professor Raymond Abratt, Head of Clinical Governance at ICON