The Independent Clinical Oncology Network (ICON) is the leading provider-driven managed care organisation in South Africa. It offers a progressive approach to cancer treatment that combines population risk management with individualised care.Based in Cape Town, the ICON network includes over 80% of South Africa’s private practice oncologists and radiation oncologists, and most major medical schemes have partnered with ICON and implemented the model. ICON also has a national footprint and accredits high-tech chemotherapy and radiation therapy facilities across South Africa.

A unique care model

In an environment of escalating healthcare costs that disadvantage the majority of patients, many cancer sufferers are still not gaining access to quality cancer treatment fast enough. ICON is unswerving in its aim to reduce wastage and secure the highest quality cancer care for the greatest number of patients.

Treatment protocols

ICON’s unique treatment protocols form the bedrock of the network. All doctors in the ICON network adhere strictly to these protocols and many helped to develop them. The protocols are science-driven and based on the latest evidence available. Organised by treatment intent, the protocols effectively hand the power of decision-making regarding treatment back to the doctor and the patient.

A sustainable solution

ICON seeks to align the interests of government, medical schemes, oncologists and patients to improve and widen access to care and ensure the long-term sustainability of oncology in South Africa.

The ICON model serves all members of medical schemes in the industry, irrespective of the available benefits of individual funding options.

ICON services and benefits

  • Highest quality of care within the financial constraints of funding vehicles
  • Wider access to private sector oncology care services
  • Cost-effective care in both curative and palliative settings
  • A dedicated oncology specialist network embracing the ICON principles
  • Reduced administrative burden for healthcare funders and providers
  • Pre-approval for the majority of treatment regimes
  • Global fee structure that enhances efficiency and eliminates waste

PAIA compliance (ICON complies with Section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act).

Compliance documentation can be downloaded below: